Alpha Capital

Alfa-Capital is a subsidiary of a large Russian bank, successfully operating in the market since 1998. The company specializes in investing private depositors’ funds in investment funds and individual investment accounts. It also offers its own investment portfolios, providing returns ranging from 13 to 60% per year. The minimum deposit amount is 1,000 rubles. In total, the company offers fourteen investment funds, the strategies of which include various assets such as company stocks, eurobonds, commodities, real estate, and others.

1-й соседний Замок, 32, Moscow, 123610


8 800 200-28-28

Alfa-Capital holds leading positions in the investment and financial services market thanks to its solid experience, professionalism of its employees, and reliable investment strategies. According to audit data, customer service quality and financial stability are the fundamental principles of the company’s operations. Clients can be confident in the safety and profitability of their investments, as well as receive quality support and consulting on all investment matters. The office of Alfa-Capital is located in the historical center of Moscow, demonstrating the stability and prestige of the company. With a wide range of investment products and strategies, Alfa-Capital contributes to the growth of its clients’ capital and helps them achieve financial prosperity.

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