Since its establishment in 2005, Artegofinans has been a leading financial services provider based in Moscow, catering to the diverse loan needs of individuals and businesses. With a strong commitment to customer service and financial expertise, Artegofinans has built a reputation for reliability and efficiency in the loan industry.

Specializing in a wide range of loan options, Artegofinans offers services for obtaining and refinancing loans secured by various assets such as real estate, vehicles, and consumer goods. Whether you are in need of a mortgage or a business loan, Artegofinans provides tailored solutions to meet your financial requirements.

For mortgage loans, Artegofinans offers competitive terms, allowing borrowers to access funds at a low annual interest rate of 5.8% for up to 20 years. The minimum loan amount starts from 50,000 rubles, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of customers. Additionally, business loans are available at competitive rates starting from 8% per annum, enabling businesses to invest and grow with financial support from Artegofinans.

Conveniently located in Moscow at Leningradsky Prospekt, 37, in the Aerodom Business Center, Artegofinans invites customers to visit their office for personalized assistance with loan applications and refinancing options. The office is easily accessible via several metro stations including Dinamo, CSKA, and Airport, facilitating a seamless experience for clients.

To learn more about Artegofinans and the financial services they offer, visit their official website at The website serves as a comprehensive resource for information on loan products, interest rates, and application procedures, allowing customers to explore options and make informed decisions regarding their financial needs.

For any inquiries or to speak with a loan specialist, contact Artegofinans directly at +7 (495) 740-99-11. The dedicated team of professionals at Artegofinans is committed to providing top-notch service and guidance to help individuals and businesses navigate the lending process with confidence and ease. Trust Artegofinans to be your partner in achieving your financial goals and securing the loans you need.

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  1. I am not satisfied at all with ArtegoFinance. Their customer service was far from helpful and their fees were not transparent at all. They promised a lot of support and advice but fell short on delivering any substantial guidance. The overall handling of transactions was disorganized and chaotic. I also had issues with the withdrawal of my funds, the process was slow and tedious. I would not recommend Artego Finance to anyone who is looking for a reliable, hassle-free investing experience.

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