**About CASHINOUT Company**

CASHINOUT is an innovative company that began its operation in September 2023. The project office is located in Tallinn, Estonia.


CASHINOUT is a multi-currency payment system offering a range of solutions for financial transactions. The company’s main products include a payment Telegram bot, a multi-currency wallet, and the ability to use virtual cards.

**Operational Features**

Users can easily perform account top-ups and fund transfers through a convenient interface. Commission fees are only charged for account top-ups and range from 0.25% to 6% depending on the selected payment method.

**Security and Reliability**

CASHINOUT ensures a high level of data privacy protection and financial transaction security for its clients. The company utilizes advanced encryption technologies to ensure information security.

**Additional Information**

For additional information about CASHINOUT company and their services, please visit the official website at: [](


– Multi-currency operations
– Convenient payment Telegram bot
– Multi-currency wallet
– Use of virtual cards
– Reasonable commission fees

With a combination of convenience, reliability, and a variety of services, CASHINOUT becomes an attractive choice for conducting financial transactions in the modern world.

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