**Copydeal: Trust Management Platform for Traders**

Copydeal, a subsidiary of the renowned international broker Trading Solutions for Brokers, was established in 2015 as a dedicated platform for experienced traders seeking to attract funds from investors for trust management. This innovative service offers a unique opportunity for traders to showcase their skills and expertise to potential investors in a secure and transparent environment.

Through Copydeal, traders can create and implement their selected investment strategies, aiming to generate substantial returns for both themselves and their investors. The platform enables traders to earn impressive profits, with potential income ranging from 24% to a remarkable 940% of the initial investment amount. Investors, in turn, benefit from the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and access the expertise of skilled traders in the financial markets.

One of the key features of Copydeal is the flexibility it offers to traders in setting their commission rates. Traders can charge a commission fee ranging from $5 to $75 for their services, allowing them to align their fees with the value they provide to their investors. This transparent fee structure ensures a fair and mutually beneficial relationship between traders and investors on the platform.

The investment portfolios available on Copydeal cover a diverse range of assets, including stocks and currency pairs. This diversity enables traders to tailor their strategies to different market conditions and opportunities, ensuring a dynamic and adaptive approach to managing investor funds. By leveraging the resources and tools provided by Copydeal, traders can optimize their performance and maximize the potential for profit generation.

In conclusion, Copydeal stands out as a premier trust management platform that empowers traders to showcase their skills, attract investment capital, and deliver impressive returns to investors. With a commitment to transparency, innovation, and excellence, Copydeal continues to redefine the landscape of trust management in the financial industry.

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