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The “CryptoUnit” Company is an investment company specializing in managing investment funds since 2019. The company’s headquarters is located in Switzerland. The project offers clients to invest their funds in an investment portfolio using its own cryptocurrency. For this purpose, “CryptoUnit” has developed its own blockchain. Project investors receive various rewards, including staking, bonuses, and token value growth. The company invests the funds raised in gold, real estate, business, and other assets. The company guarantees a return of 150% per annum.


+375 (29) 758-11-84

The “CryptoUnit” Company is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency investments, providing unique opportunities for the capital growth of its clients. One of the key advantages of investing with “CryptoUnit” is the variety of assets in which the funds are invested, ensuring the stability of the investment portfolio. The company aims for transparency and reliability in its operations, conducting business in accordance with international standards.

In its operations, “CryptoUnit” actively utilizes innovative blockchain technologies, ensuring a high level of security and transparency for investors. The company constantly improves its fund management methods, striving for the utmost investment efficiency and client satisfaction.

With a deep understanding of the investment market and experience in working with cryptocurrencies, “CryptoUnit” is a reliable partner for those seeking capital growth and investment portfolio diversification.

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