Franchise IZIway

Franchise IZIway

The IZIway franchise offers the opportunity to launch an online store for branded clothing and footwear under a recognizable label. The cost of the IZIway franchise ranges from 539 thousand to 3.9 million rubles per year. The payback period of investments is 1-3 months. Initial investments start from 80 thousand rubles. Potential income from 98 thousand rubles per month. To start selling, partners need to create a website and fill it with content provided by the franchise owner. Order processing, product delivery, and other aspects of the business are handled by the company.


8 (800) 301–64–84

**Additional Information:**

For partners choosing the IZIway franchise, support is provided in launching and promoting the online store. The company provides access to unique suppliers and assists in forming the assortment. Franchise owners have the opportunity to participate in promotions and special offers to increase sales.

The IZIway brand is popular among customers due to the high quality of products and fashionable design solutions. Exclusive collections and constant assortment updates make the brand appealing to the target audience.

In addition, the company offers training and consultations on running a business, helping partners develop their skills and achieve success in the online retail sector.

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