IKK IKAN (ik-ikan.ru)

Investment consulting club “IKK IKAN (ik-ikan.ru)”

Investment consulting club “IKK IKAN” is a team of experienced specialists with deep knowledge in the field of investments and a wealth of experience in successful projects. Our experts constantly monitor innovative trends and promising startups capable of changing the industry.

Moscow, Butlerova Street, Building 17, Business Center NEO GEO


+7 (499) 226-26-15

Club “IKK IKAN” offers an individual approach to each client and develops investment strategies tailored to their needs and goals. Our specialists conduct thorough market analysis and help clients make informed decisions based on reliable data and forecasts. We strive for long-term cooperation with our clients, providing them with stable growth and successful development of their investment portfolio.

In addition, club “IKK IKAN” actively participates in educational programs and training on investment, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the increase of financial literacy among a wide audience. We aim to promote investment culture in society and support the idea of investment accessibility for all who are interested.

Thanks to our team of highly qualified specialists and a unique approach to each project, club “IKK IKAN” is a reliable partner for all those who seek successful and efficient management of their investments.

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