Lensvens Shop franchise

Lensvens Shop – a franchise that provides a unique opportunity to open your own online sneaker store. The cost of the franchise ranges from 80 to 300 thousand rubles, making it accessible to various investors. The potential income from this franchise is also very attractive, ranging from 42 thousand to 300 thousand rubles. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to engage in shoe sales and develop their business in the fashion industry.

One of the main advantages of the Lensvens Shop franchise is that the company regularly trains its partners, providing up-to-date information on new items in the sneaker catalog. This allows entrepreneurs to stay up to date on the latest trends and effectively promote their business. In addition, the organization takes care of all issues related to order delivery and payment processing, significantly facilitating the work of the franchisee.

The Lensvens Shop franchise has its legal address in Russia, in the city of Kaliningrad, at the address: 33-41 Zheldor Street. This allows partners to clearly track all legal aspects of their business and have an official representation in the country.

If you are interested in this franchise, you can visit the official website of Lensvens Shop at the following link: https://lensvens.ru/, where you can get more detailed information about the brand, product range, and cooperation terms. You can also contact the company by phone at 8 (800) 301–64–84 to clarify any questions you may have and start your path to a successful business in the fashion and footwear industry.

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