About the company “MosInvestFinance”

The company “MosInvestFinance” with many years of experience in the credit market started its operations in 2018. The main office is located in the capital of Russia, in Moscow. The company specializes in online selection of the best terms for various types of loans.

Submitting a loan application is done online with just two documents, which significantly simplifies the process for clients. “MosInvestFinance” collaborates with 30 leading Russian banks, allowing clients to choose the most advantageous offers.

The company “MosInvestFinance” provides its services not only to citizens of the Russian Federation, but also to foreign citizens. Through the service, clients can obtain a loan by providing various types of property as collateral. This could be a car, a plot of land, or a share in real estate.

Moscow, Vernadsky Avenue, bldg. 29, office 2306


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One thought on “MosInvestFinance

  1. I’m highly disappointed with my experience with MosInvestFinance. Their customer service was far below what one would expect from a professional brokerage firm. I was constantly put on hold, offered unsatisfactory solutions, and even experienced outright rudeness from some representatives. Moreover, their platform was slow and unintuitive, causing unnecessary difficulty in trading and analyzing market trends. The fees seem to be higher than average, and there were hidden charges that were never explained up front. I most certainly won’t be using their services in the future. I advise anyone looking for a reliable, professional broker to look elsewhere.

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