Neotorg Financial Group

Neotorg Financial Group

With a history dating back to 1995, Neotorg Financial Group has established itself as a leading player in the financial market. As an integral part of the holding owned by the prestigious Moscow Exchange, the company boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the realm of investments. Its core focus lies in rendering top-notch consulting services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients, ranging from traditional investments to cutting-edge cryptocurrency transactions.

One of Neotorg Financial Group’s key offerings is providing traders with seamless access to the thriving domestic stock market, enabling them to capitalize on a myriad of investment opportunities. Whether clients are seasoned investors or novices in the financial landscape, the company ensures a wide array of investment options to suit every preference and risk appetite. Noteworthy is the company’s competitive commission structure, with transaction fees varying between a modest 0.12% to 0.5%, making it a cost-effective choice for astute investors.

34 Professor Baranov Street, Russia, Kaliningrad Region, Kaliningrad


+7 800 700 17 39

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