Royal Gold FX

Royal Gold FX: Trustworthy Financial Management and Trading Services

Established in 2019 with its headquarters in London, Royal Gold FX is a reputable company specializing in trust management of private investors’ funds and providing traders with access to the global exchange market. The company’s diverse portfolio includes fiat money, cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFDs, and indices, offering clients a wide range of investment options. Royal Gold FX prides itself on its commitment to transparency, security, and innovation in the financial services industry.

With an array of trading accounts tailored to suit different needs, clients can choose the account that best aligns with their investment goals and risk tolerance. The minimum initial deposit required to start trading is set at $250, making it accessible to a broad range of investors. For those looking to maximize their trading potential, Royal Gold FX offers leverage of up to 1:500, enabling clients to amplify their trading positions and potentially increase their profits.

Moreover, the company caters to individuals seeking professional financial management services, with trust management options available for clients with a deposit of $25,000 or more. This service is designed to provide clients with a hands-off approach to investing, allowing experienced professionals to manage their funds actively and optimize their investment strategies.

Operating globally, Royal Gold FX also has a presence in Moscow, with an office located at Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 12. Clients can easily reach out to the company for inquiries, support, or assistance via their website or contact number:


Phone: +7 495 045 07 65

Overall, Royal Gold FX stands out as a trusted partner for both novice and experienced investors, offering a wide array of financial services and investment opportunities to help clients achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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  1. I am thoroughly dissatisfied with Royal Gold FX’s services due to their lack of professionalism, poor customer service, and unexplained fees.

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