About Tradeworks:

Established in 2020, Tradeworks is a reputable and well-established brokerage firm with over two decades of experience in the financial markets. Specializing in providing top-notch brokerage services, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner for traders worldwide.

At Tradeworks, our core focus lies in offering a wide range of trading instruments across global markets. Our expertise encompasses trading in fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs based on precious metals, and energy assets. This diverse portfolio enables our clients to capitalize on various market opportunities and diversify their trading strategies effectively.

In addition to our comprehensive range of trading instruments, Tradeworks takes pride in its cutting-edge trading platforms. Developed in-house by our team of skilled developers, our platforms are designed to offer seamless trading experiences across desktop, web, and mobile devices. Traders can access real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and lightning-fast execution speeds to stay ahead of the curve.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility and accessibility, Tradeworks offers three distinct account options to cater to the unique needs of different traders. With a low minimum deposit requirement of $100, our accounts provide a gateway for both novice and experienced traders to enter the world of financial markets. Moreover, traders can enjoy a maximum leverage of up to 1:200, allowing them to amplify their trading potential while managing risk effectively.

For more information about Tradeworks and our services, please visit our official website at You can also reach out to us directly via phone at +509 4154 5455 to speak to our dedicated customer support team and start your trading journey with us today.

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