History and services of the Koshelek.ru platform

The cryptocurrency platform Koshelek.ru started its operation in 2020. The company is registered in the Russian Federation. It offers a range of convenient services for cryptocurrency operations, such as cold and online wallets, P2P exchange, direct access to an exchange, and much more. Koshelek.ru supports transactions with more than 30 cryptocurrencies. A mobile client is also available. The platform’s commission fee depends on the currencies involved in the transaction.

The company aims to ensure the security and reliability of cryptocurrency operations for its clients. All wallets on the platform are protected by multi-level encryption and authentication systems, ensuring their security and confidentiality. Additionally, the platform constantly improves its services to provide user convenience and operational efficiency.

On the Koshelek.ru website, educational materials and guides on working with cryptocurrencies are available for novice users. Clients can contact customer support at the specified phone number or through the online chat for any questions or issues related to platform operations.

By visiting the website https://koshelek.ru/, users can obtain additional information about services, platform terms of use, and cryptocurrency news. Koshelek.ru aims to be one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the Russian market, offering a wide range of services and tools for working with digital assets.

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