Winminers is a company engaged in cloud mining, starting in 2022, with an office in Dubai. Its activities are based on a cloud mining platform. The company has placed its data centers outside the country. Investors have six investment options, starting from a minimum package priced at $20. The deposit promises a return of up to 170% per year. Placement periods range from 120 to 170 days. The service charges a commission of 12% of the investor’s profit for the use of computing power.

Winminers is one of the leading players in the cloud mining industry and offers investors the opportunity to earn on digital assets. Their office is located in the prestigious area of Dubai – Jumeirah Lakes Towers, in the Almas Tower building, which gives them additional reputation and reliability in the cryptocurrency environment.

The latest generation of equipment used by Winminers guarantees stable and efficient cloud computing operations, allowing investors to maximize profits from mining. The company aims to provide transparent conditions for its clients and ensure the security and reliability of the investment process.

In addition, Winminers actively promotes their social responsibility by investing in a sustainable future and contributing to the development of the cryptocurrency community. On their official website, you will find additional information about the company, investment terms, and contact details. In case of questions or doubts, you can always contact customer support, where assistance will be provided to address all your inquiries.

DMCC center, Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, PO Box 48800 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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  1. Winminers is a broker service known for its high level of security and efficient customer service.

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